Online Writing Courses


Learn from the comfort of your home and set your own hours. No matter where you live, whether you are working or studying full time or have kids (or all of the above), this course allows you to join a community of like-minded aspiring writers and go one step further in pursuing your dream.

About the Course

Have you always wanted to write but can’t find the time or the inspiration? Do you have snippets of a novel tucked away in a drawer, or in a forgotten file on your computer? Do you wish to write but don’t know where to begin? Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned storyteller, this workshop will give you the opportunity to explore the craft and practice of writing fiction and become better writers.

Our 6-week workshop is conducted through Canvas, an online learning management system (LMS). The course is designed to guide you into the writing life in an encouraging and inspiring setting with a healthy dose of personalised constructive critique. Through engaging lessons taught by Mariam Tareen, hands-on weekly exercises with a focus on craft, as well as insights from the works of celebrated authors, this course explores the core elements of writing fiction necessary for you to write your stories or novels.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the 6 weeks:

  • You will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of writing fiction: character, setting, plot, point of view, and dialogue.
  • You will have learned how to bring your writing to life with sensory detail.
  • You will have developed an eye for close reading, and be able to identify the techniques celebrated writers use to write great works of art.
  • You will have several pages of writing through exercises and assignments.
  • You will have learned to develop a critical eye towards your writing, and know how to improve your writing through revision.
  • Finally, you will have created an online of your novel, or a completed short story.

Weekly Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction/Fundamentals of Fiction

Week 2: Character, Consciousness and Point of View

Week 3: Setting and Sensory Detail

Week 4: Dialogue and Scene

Week 5: Story Structure – the Three Acts

Week 6: The Art of Revision

How To Register

Registration for our upcoming online course in The Art and Craft of Writing Fiction is now open.

Register by writing to to apply for your place in the course. All participants are asked to submit a one-page writing sample. Writing samples can be snippets of a story, a scene, a descriptive passage, and may be from the beginning, middle or end of a story. We just want to get a feel of your writing style.