Online Creative Writing Course for Kids and Teens

How It Works:

The online course is a taught one-on-one by The Writing Room founder Mariam Tareen through e-mail. All the student needs is an e-mail address (they can also use a parent’s e-mail address).

Every Friday morning, Mariam will e-mail the student notes, tips and an assignment corresponding to the weekly topic. The student will have one week to e-mail the completed assignment, which Mariam will read and return to the student with feedback on how to improve their writing.

Like with our in-class lessons and activities, the main purpose is for the student to have fun while learning and writing.

The course is designed to fit with busy school schedules. Because it’s delivered through e-mail, you don’t have to be online at a particular time and can write whenever you want, after school or on weekends.

Introduction to Creative Writing: Writing Better Stories 

About the Course: Through weekly notes and exercises, we will cover the essentials of writing stories: the story recipe, character, setting, dialogue, plot, and revision. 

Ages: This course is open to children (ages 8-12) and teens (ages 13 and above).

Duration: 4 weeks or 8 weeks 

Course Fee: Rs. 8,000/month

Course Outline

Week One – We will learn about the story recipe and how every movie you’ve seen and every book you’ve read follows the same recipe. Students will get a chance to come up with plans for their own stories.

Week Two – This week is all about how to create and describe interesting characters.

Week Three – This week we will learn how to use the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) to describe a story’s setting.

Week Four – This week, students learn about plot and how to structure their stories.

If a student has enrolled for more than one month, the course will resume as follows:

Week Five – This week is all about dialogue: how to use and correctly punctuate dialogue to make a story more interesting.

Week Six – This week, we learn about Point of View: who is telling the story and why does it matter?

Week Seven – This week we learn about the Art of Revision. Students choose one of their earlier assignments to rewrite based on Mariam’s feedback.

Week Eight – This week, we learn about writing effective Openings and Endings for stories. Students will get the chance to write and receive feedback on the openings of their stories.

How to Register

Please note that registration for this course is currently closed.