“If you have the writing tick, like me, then you have come to the right place! Ever since I can remember, I have been on a lookout for a fiction writing course, similar to the one offered by the Gotham Writers in NYC. Fortunately, my search ended when I came across this online six-week writing course offered by The Writing Room in Lahore. While this was just a six-week online thing, there were a lot of takeaways.

Working with Mariam was an absolute pleasure! She was tolerant, empathetic, and gentle in her feedback. Never once did I feel uncomfortable expressing myself to Mariam. Her logical, unbiased feedback further polished both my writing and editing skills. Throughout the course, she also provided links to articles and material to further polish my craft.

Kudos to Mariam for introducing a brilliant online writing programme, as such courses (especially fiction writing ones) are a rarity in the Land of the Pure. In the words of Sanjay Dutt, this was full paisa wasoolFive Stars. A big thumbs-up!”

Areeba Ajmal, The Art and Craft of Writing Fiction, Online, Spring 2018

“I joined the writing room to force myself back into the habit of writing, and not only did it do that, but Mariam taught me a whole new way of looking at stories, characters and narratives. Having never formally studied creative writing, this workshop proved to be an excellent educational experience. The course was well structured, and class size was good enough to allow everyone a chance to discuss their pieces. It was, of course, great getting feedback from Mariam on some of the longer pieces we submitted, and really helped polish some of my skills. It was also very cool to interact with all the other writers at the workshop. This was definitely one of my favourite activities of the week!”

Mishelle Ijaz – The Art and Craft of Writing Fiction, Lahore 2016 

“From a struggling writer to a woman possessed. I joined the writing room looking to rediscover a part of myself I had lost. It was a complex wish. I didn’t know if it was even possible. But it was! With Mariam, my brain, my creative brain, looked up and yawned. I had forgotten it was there. She dusted it off with a motivating feather duster and let me find that conflicted, intense, obsessed little girl who wrote to save her life. I had been so lost. But the writing room found me amidst other souls who felt as I did. That they had stories itching to be released. And with Mariam’s expert mentoring, we all came boiling over with inspiration.

The testimony is in the laughter, the lighthouse bright smiles everyone had on their faces in the writing room. I’m sad it had to end and I’m ecstatic for what I’m taking from it. I can write again!

Thank you writing room and Mariam. My life savers.”

Fatima Hassan Rizvi – The Art and Craft of Writing Fiction, Lahore 2016 

“At Khirad we were in search of someone with passion, vision and patience. Mariam not only writes very well herself but also has a vision for ideas pregnant with possibilities. Her encouragement in the right direction helped the struggling participants. She created an environment conducive for creative work which resulted in great contributions from the participants.”

Sajjad Ali – An Introduction to Creative Writing, NCA 2015

“Mariam developed and delivered an engaging Creative Writing workshop for NCA’s Khirad Literary Society. As a participant of the workshop, what I appreciated most was Mariam’s flexibility, willingness to listen to her students and ability to adapt her expertise to each individual’s needs in our group.

Her approach encouraged the participants of the workshop to think creatively and express themselves regardless of language barriers, thereby allowing them the liberty to write free of any inhibitions. Mariam conducted the workshop with great enthusiasm and professionalism, and in so doing made it a highly educational and enjoyable experience for all concerned.” 

Ebrahim Arif – An Introduction to Creative Writing, NCA 2015

“This workshop was an effective step for me to reach an understanding of literature and writing. It has helped me develop the connection between my thoughts and their expression. The beauty of any writing is to balance the power shift between the two, and to try and convey the soul of your ideas to others through your writing. So for me, this workshop has fulfilled its goal and has led me to believe in my weird but unique ideas that I took for granted before. I cannot yet say that I am a great writer but I am definitely a better thinker now.”

Amna Asghar – An Introduction to Creative Writing, NCA 2015