Adventures in Creative Writing: Workshops for Kids

Our most popular workshops are meticulously designed and redesigned for to teach kids the fundamentals of creative writing in an encouraging and creative environment.

Over a course of two days, our young writers will be introduced to the basics of creative writing: they will learn to generate stories, how to structure and populate them with interesting characters, and discover how to use their five senses to bring their writing to life.

The workshop setting also gives children a chance to communicate ideas about both their own writing, and that of their peers, in a supportive and encouraging environment. In this way, children come away as better and more confident writers.

Our classes are limited to 10 kids at most so that each child gets the most of the lesson. Workshops are conducted on weekends during the school year and special Summer and Winter Camps are organised during school holidays.


  • The Art of Storytelling for Young Writers (ages 7-9 and ages 10-13)
  • Creative Writing Through Reading (ages 11-14)
  • Writing Myths
  • Writing Mysteries

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